How can I fast copy/move to/from USB drive without cloud?

Like many people, I am extremely disappointed by WD’s decision to remove cloud access to my first generation MyCloud but, on reflection, I can manage without remote access and there is only one facility that I will miss. That is the ability to instruct MyCloud to copy or move files to or from a USB drive through the (Android) app or That works much faster, and does not impact WiFi performance, compared to copying through File Manager on Windows, tablet or phone because the operation is performed internally, direct from MyCloud to the USB drive, rather than out to the laptop, tablet or phone and back over WiFi.

So my question is, is there a way to initiate direct copying or moving, through a Windows or Android device, without using the app or

As an aside, I did ask this question of WD Support. Their answer was to use MyCloud dot com. So their solution was to use MyCloud dot com to get around their withdrawal of MyCloud dot com (for my device)! Clueless!

Have you looked at the User Manual, Chapter 12 Page 85?

My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (

If the USB drive is connected to the My cloud and you want to copy files to/from the My Cloud to/from the USB hard drive you have a couple of options. On is to use WInSCP and connect to the My Cloud using SSH. another option is to use a SSH terminal program like Putty and issue commands like cp or rsync to copy to the USB hard drive from the My Cloud. Or one can use FTP (Filezilla) to copy files.

Yes, of course, but this tells me only how to connect a USB drive and map it from Windows, which I knew because I’ve had a USB drive mapped and connected for years. It contains no information that answers my question on this forum.

Thank you for your reply and advice. A bit more technical than I had hoped for but I am investigating. I have a little Linux experience so using SSH and commands like CP and rsync might be the simplest solution. Thanks again.

Thank you for your reply and advice. A bit more technical than I had hoped for but I am investigating. Thanks again.

WinSCP is a graphical interface for using SSH to the My Cloud and makes things a bit easier than trying to use Linux terminal commands in programs like Putty (or similar).