How can I "factory default" a 1TB drive out of a MyBook Essential USB 3.0


I have a MyBook Essential 1TB (WDBACW0010HBK-00) external harddrive. It was not accessible showing as not initialised in drive management of Win 7 and Vista.

I ended up taking the drive out and was able to initialise it (MBR)  format and use it. Whenever I hook it the SATA to USB of the Mybook to use WD Quick formatter or firmware update it now recognize the drive but fails to format or update the firmware.

Currently DLG is doing a full erase on the drive. 

Question 1: What is the format and is there anyway I could get the drive into factory default format so I can use it as external drive again?

Question 2: Since I know the drive is working. How could I troubleshoot the SATA to USB connector (1130) of the MyBook.

Question 3: I do also have a SATA to USB connector (1140) from a 3TB MyBook Essential 3.0 external drive. Could I use that for the 1TB too?

Thanks upfront for any hint you can provide.

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Hi grundera, note that opening the drive cases void the warranty. Hard drive repairs are not supported, but default file system for your drive model is NTFS. 

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