How can I edit the settings.json file in Transmission app? EX2100 My Cloud

I want to change the maximum consecutive downloads from the default 5, to 20 if possible.

There seems to be a file settings called settings.json within the Transmission app. On it there are numerous options which can be manually edited, as described here.

This discussion seems to conclude (at the bottom) that the value that needs adjusting is “download-queue-size”: 5 and that the app bust not be running to make and save the changes. I assume ‘killing’ the daemon is the same as deactivating the app in the My Cloud interface, would this be correct?

I have connected to the EX2100 via SSH in Transmission but I don’t know how to access the settings.json file, or how to edit or replace it. I have never used SSH before and have not used Terminal (command line on mac) for anything other than a few copy/paste commands for small issues.

This page discusses accessing Transmission settings, but I am really struggling with the suggested steps.

Ideally I would like to access the EX2100 files in a finder window, download the settings.json, copy for security, edit, replace, then restart Transmission. Any idea how I can do this? And if SSH is the only option, how can I access the file in Transmission?

Solved! I accessed the NAS with ftp (sftp setting, local ip address of NAS, root as username, password is the one set up as admin on My Cloud interface) and located the settings.json file, edited it, closed Transmission in My Cloud apps tab, replaced settings file, restarted Transmission and BINGO!

HI, how can i stop and restart transmission.
I already edited json file but don’t work.

rpc-authentication-required: true
rpc-password: “somepassword”
rpc-username: “admin”
rpc-whitelist: “*”
rpc-whitelist-enabled: true

In the My Cloud interface under apps. Or simply restart the NAS.

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thank you very much!
I solved :smiley:

I honestly can’t remember the details, but just follow those breadcrumbs and google things you don’t understand. It’s not expert level but it’s not complete beginner so best you decide if you should go down that rabbit hole!