How can I dissasemble/take apart?

Hey there,

I’ve seen similar threads to what I wanted to know but no one seems to actually give anything of value to the OP of those threads, and those threads are left to die. So now I want to know once and for all how to open this WD Elements Play box. I want to get the HDD out of it, it’s died and I’ve got a collection of hard drives one of which is pretty much guaranteed to work

So, I managed to pop the cover off and get the bottom left screw out but the others are near on impossible to get out, any ideas?

I’ve got a picture:


You don’t need to remove the screws (which actually just hold rubber vibration isolation mounts) to get the drive out of the case.   The drive slides to the left (in your picture orientation) and the screws slide off their respective rails as the SATA interface disengages.

Awesome, I had my drill and everything ready only to find I can easily slide it out… *facepalm*

Thanks a lot, and ew… it’s one of those green drives.