How can I delete old backups?

I have a 3 TB MyCloud that ran out of storage capacity about a month ago. Most of the storage in the “other” category. The warning ! in the screenshot is showing that my storage capacity is gone. Now my boot drive is making strange noises. Having a good backup is a primary reason for buying MyCloud. I know that I can delete everything and start anew, but I want to have at least one backup in case my main HDD fails during the process.

How do I delete old backups and keep at least the most recent one (probably a few months old)?

What software did you use to create the backup?

If you used SmartWare for your backups then open it, look at the Help tab>Manage & Customize>Customize the software settings.

Thanks to you and cat. I’m trying to use the smartware software. Having no success (the backup stalled after a few minutes), I reinstalled a tethered 2 TB drive and tried using the Safepoint function. After a couple of attempts it aborted with an error message. Maybe the screenshots provided will show what I’m experiencing…

Also, after a day WD says it’s copying, but I can see no progress…

Are you able to copy files to the drive through file explorer? I’m trying to determine if this could be an issue with the software or the drive.

Apparently I am able to copy using Explorer. Screenshot Provided.

Yes, I was able to copy my entire Documents folder using File Explorer.

OK - so that’s good news. It sounds like the drive isn’t the problem. Do you have a second computer on your network?

Yes - wirelessly (my laptop). I normally work on my desktop (Ethernet) except when away from home…,.

OK - install the software on the second computer and/or try a safepoint from that machine. Let us know the results.

Thanks for our help. I’m adding this final post to this thread and am heading down a different road.

First - I’m not sure that I totally understand safepoints. According to the manual

You can create a complete backup or snapshot of your My Cloud device, called a safepoint,
and save it to an external location on your home network or an attached USB drive attached
to the USB expansion port.

My objective is not to backup MyCloud but to backup my data files on my computer. Recognizing that, I tried using Smartwate on my laptop and that began working. Then tried Smartware again on my desktop machine after wiping MyCloud clean of all data (factory reset). Smartware began working but at a snail’s pace and with stalls and error messages (no writeable partition found).

After several days I’ve decided to abandon Smartware and am looking for different software to use with MyCloud.

Thanks for your help.

There is backup software built into most versions of Windows - additionally, if you do a search in the upper right (the magnifying glass) here on the Community, there are a number of good threads going over different third party backup softwares.

Great - Thanks again for your time and help. I think I’ve settled on FreeFileSync. I’ve installed it and learning it now - seems to be fairly user friendly.