How can i connect my passport with usb 3.0 port from my device to eSata port on my laptop?

i bought the WD external 500gb with USB 3.0 for connector, but my laptop only got eSata for the port. is there any solution for this so i can connect from USB 3.0 to eSata ? because when i connected to USB 2.0 i got the slower speed, but i need a lot of more in speed writing, with using eSata thx

You’ll need an USB 3 to Esata adapter. Please search online for one of those converters.

After looking online, the only USB3/eSATA connectors are for use with an eSATA drive connecting to a USB 3 host.  Does anyone know of a cable/connector that allows the reverse?  Thanks.

I’ve just searched on google and this are the  results