How can I back up what is on MBL?

I have just set up MBL on my network, and am backing my computers up to it. However, I would like to also backup offsite so if there is a fire or natural disaster that destroys my building, I still have my files. How can I back up the files that are on MBL to another site or to the cloud?

The MBL doesn’t support off-subnet backups.

So there’s lots of options, but they’ll all require requisite technical know-how.

Possible Options:

  1. On your network, establish a transparent L2 VPN tunnel to the location where the remote MBL resides.  You can then use ordinary safepoints.

  2. On your REMOTE network, establish port-forwarding connections between your remote router and the MBL to forward RSYNC / SSH, and then use RSYNC via command line on the source MBL to sync over to the remote.

  3. Use WD 2go to manually move the files over to the remote device.

  4. Use some other agent on a PC (or whatever) to do the backups between the MBLs.

Thank you. All of these options are above my paygrade, but I will find someone to help me weed through them and make it work.

Actually, I have researched and found instructions on setting up a VPN tunnel. Should it be incoming or outgoing?