How Can I Back Up Data from One External to Another?

I just bought a 1TB My Book for my new iMac (Snow Leopard), and Time Machine is running as I type. Only one problem: it automatically excludes my WD My Passport, which is where I keep my music library. I can’t find any way in Time Machine to make it include the external Passport in the Time Machine backups, nor can I find a way in SmartWare to manually back up the contents of the drive to the My Book.

Aside from manually copy-pasting the entire ~150gb of music files over from the Passport to the My Book every few weeks, is there any way to make this happen? I’d like to automate it a la Time Machine, but TM automatically excludes externals and won’t let me include them. Little help? The music library on my Passport is 75% of the reason I bought the My Book, just in case the Passport ever takes a dump…now I can’t do what I bought it for?

Well, since SmartWare doesn’t support backing up another external, you’re pretty much stuck with copy and paste.  If you have a windows pc, with windows backup on it, you might be able to set up a backup from your My Book to your Passport.  Just a thought.

An easy to use tool and on top of that freeware: