How can I access WD MyCloud Single Bay OS3 via WebDAV?

I have a WD MyCloud Single Bay with firmware 2.41.116, which is connected to a Fritzbox with FritzOS7, and I would like to access it via WebDAV.

There used to be instructions for doing this (you had to copy the password and URL for it from the source code of the Mycloud website, among other things), but the trick doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Is there another method?

WD removed the webDAV/remote mapping option through the website many years ago when they transitioned the My Cloud firmware to OS3.

There used to be a way, unofficially, to modify the single bay My Cloud firmware so one could use webDAV, but that may have only been for the first gen (v4.x firmware) single bay My Cloud units and it hasn’t been updated (AFAIK) in several years.

Other than using the insecure FTP method for remote access there is no other official method of remote access for the single bay/single drive My Cloud devices beyond the web portal and WD mobile apps for Android/iOS. WD killed off the My Cloud Desktop application over a year ago.

One may want to go the VPN route by setting up a VPN server on their local network. Yes it requires additional knowledge and time to learn and setup for novices but offers a more secure method of remote access and remote mapping of a single bay My Cloud. Some consumer routers include VPN server capability, if using a consumer router like Asus or similar, check the documentation to see if it includes a VPN server (typically OpenVPN or similar free VPN server). There are also various discussions elsewhere in this My Cloud subforums about attempts to use SFTP but those discussions typically involve using SSH to make firmware modifications to enable SFTP support.

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I personally endorse the VPN route.
It was moderately painful to setup. . .but very easy to use once done.

This is how I access my boxes when I want to do so remotely.

(Note: I rarely do this because

  1. in my area I can’t get faster than 5mbs upload without literally tripling my internet costs. . . despite actually having two providers in my area)

  2. I don’t really trust the security of WD products (either the old OS3 or the newfangled and less capable OS5 to sit exposed to the internet) )

Thanks for your helpful answer. Its really unfortunate that WD removed the desktop app and then support for WebDAV. I have a file storage app that needs the WedDAV protocol if I want to sync it with my WD MyCloud drive.

This is CloudDAVMod v1.0 and v1.1 for WDMyCloud V4 OS3 Firmware. For features, setups How can I access WD MyCloud Single Bay OS3 via WebDAV?

Perhaps elaborate on your question or what you seek to achieve because it is not clear what you are asking. As previously explained there is no official (per WD) method of accessing a single bay My Cloud using webDAV.

If you want to try the CloudDAVMod then see the link provided above to the website of the person who created that mod. That is an unofficial mod. Questions about it should be direct to the creator on that website.

Otherwise as previously suggested there are one or two alternate methods of remote access. Primarily setting up a VPN server which would provide one the ability to remote map a Share, similar to using WebDAV, on a single bay My Cloud unit.