How can I access MyCloud with a non smart TV (wireless)?

Hi all,

I need some hwlp, my Samsung TV is not a smart TV.

Is ther any kind of wifi adapter I can buy that give me access to the videos I store on My Cloud?

Not sure if something like this one can do the job:…


I do not know about what your link showed.  But I have been using a WD TV Live box to connect personal digital contents to a non-smart Samsung TV for over a year.  Amazon FireTV should also work. 


And can I access videos on MyCloud through Amazonfire? How would you do that?

I use my Roku with the Roku Media Player and it works without a problem.  Just be sure your videos are encoded in MP4 or MKV.

Hi drhoeh,

How do you do that with Roku?

Do you need to install the WD MyCloud App os is there a way to navigate through te folder on the drive using Roku?


As long as the Roku is on the same network as the My Cloud install the Roku Media Player.  If DLNA is turned on for the MY Cloud (see setting - Media - DLNA select on for media streaming and rescan DLNA database) when you load up the Roku Media Player Channel select between video, pictures, music and then select WDMYCLOUD. 

Make certain that your videos are MP4 or MKV.  You should not have a problem it works for me. 

I hope that helps. 

Awesome, really helpful, I will order a Roku right now and give it a go, dounds like a grest solution! thank you!!