How can a My Book Essential 1TB w/WDSmartWare be simply used as a storage device?

After surfing some of the threads in the Community (VERY informative btw),

I have given up on solving my no Backup / no Retrieve / no Drive Settings problem and instead

want to simply uninstall the WDSmartWare software and use the MB Essential as a super flash drive.

The Paragon suggestion sounds great, but i s software absolutely necessary?

Or can the drive simply be reformatted to store a TB of different data files? Nothing fancy…

Yes you can reformat the drive and use it like a regular drive. Make sure you delete the partition to prevent possible errors. Remember never trust important data to just one physical ddrive internal or external.



Thanks Joe!

How would one go about deleting the partition?

Here’s a link to help deleting the volume acomplishes the same thing. Just make sure you’ve got the right drive!