How best to turn on/off often used Western Digital Elements 2 TB External Desktop Hard Drive?

Hi there. I’m using the above hard-drive on most days. It’s powered by a plug with no on/off switch, so to de-power it I need to either pull the plug out of the socket, or pull the lead out of the back of the drive. Or I could just leave it powered on all the time. Does anyone know what would be best for preserving the drive? Would any of the above matter? Should I try to get access to a plug socket with a switch? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, ta.

By default the Elements should go into sleep mode when not in use. You can also disconnect the power cable, just remember to always safely eject it before you unplug the USB cable.

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Thanks Alucardx23.

I normally only disconnect it once I’ve turned off the computer it’s attached to,

re it going to sleep - does this mean that there are no benefits to turning it off?  I’m keen to preserve to life of the HD, but it would be less of a pain to be able to leave it on all the time.  Thanks.