How best to stream music from MyCloud to my older audio receiver

I am looking for recommendations on how best to stream music from MyCloud to my older audio receiver. The receiver is connected to my TV via HDMI. I also have TiVo connected to my TV and receiver. TiVo has a DeskTop PC connection but it only plays MP3s. I want to play .wav files that are stored on MyCloud. I have read mixed reviews about the usefulness of WD Play & WD Live for streaming audio from a large music selection. I would appreciate recommendations. Thank you

Hi, you can use the WDTV Streaming, Live Hub, Play or any other device capable of accessing network shares or media servers to access the My Cloud music files. You can then connect the WDTV to your receiver.

Thank you for your response. Have you used the WD solutions that you mentioned. I have read mixed reviews on Amazon about the ease of use for audio. They get very good reviews for video. If you have used them for audio, is it easy to sort through a large selection of songs to pick the music you want to play that day? Do you use any additional software to form temporary playlists or anything to make the process easier? Thanks again for your help, Steve

Hi again, sorry for the delay, I have a WDTV Live Hub connected to my received, I have about 2000 songs in my library, haven’t had any problems.