How backup 4 TB My Cloud to 4 TB My Book?

I posted a question earlier

and I wonder also is it somehow possible to backup a My Book 1,5 TB or the other 3,0 TB

to My Cloud which is 4.0 TB

So far I have understood that My Cloud does a back up of laptop hard disk.

But is it possible to get a backup also of a My Book which uses USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port?

In this review there is a line:

" But there’s one My Cloud feature you won’t find on any My Book Live: a USB 3.0 port that can host a digital camera for direct file transfers. Alternatively, you can connect a stand-alone USB hard drive into this port and expand the My Cloud’s storage capacity."  Wow!

Would that possibility also provide a way to back up a WD My Book 4,0 TB to WD My Cloud 4 TB or the other way round: To back up this WD My Cloud 4 TB to the WD My Book 4,0 TB

I realize that only one disk, is like having all eggs in one basket and if you fail…

So somehow I would like to make a back up for that 4.0 TB disk.

Just wondering how would it be done in the best way?

Thank you for all possible advice! Hope it would serve many other WD customers as well! :smiley:

See the User Manual,, Connecting a USB Hard Drive, I need to migrate a large amount of data (50 GB or more) from a USB external drive to my My Cloud device, P.123.


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All backup software allow you to backup  the contents of a USB disk attached to a computer like it were a local disk. Most backup software, including smartware, allow you to backup a computer to a NAS.

With this NAS, you can mirror the content of the NAS to another network share, or to a USB disk attached to the NAS directly.

The typical use case would be to backup a computer to the NAS using Smartware, then mirror the contents of the NAS (including the content of the Smartware backup) to a USB disk attached to the NAS using Safepoint. This way, you have a backup copy of the content of the NAS.

The Smartware backup content include copies of deleted files, version etc, and this information is mirrored to the attached USB disk. But if a file is deleted from the NAS, it is also deleted from the copy on the USB disk.