How Attach My Book 2TB to an WD TV HD Media Player


I own these two WD products in my home:

- WD TV HD Media Player WDBABG0000NBK-EESN

- My Book World Edition(white light) 2 TB WDH1NC20000E (with ethernet cable)

but I’m unable tryn to connect both.

the media player supports and works with one or two 2.5 wd usb disks, no problems.

but if I have the ethernet disk would be grat if I could attach the 2TB-eth device to the media player and play video from the 2tb disk,

please, how can this be made?

Thanks in advance.

Guillermo, Spain.

The My Book World Edition is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive, the WD TV Gen 2 does not have an Ethernet port. Unfortunately, they cannot interact, thus you cannot connect a My Book World Edition to a WD TV Gen2.