How about a NEW Android App?

How about a totally new Android app that:

  1. Lets you use your Android tablet to access the Hub and display the cover art and sheets you already have on the tablet

  2. Has UPNP capability so you can play the video on your tablet using your favorite video player app

It would be like a movie database of what’s on the Hub…

If I knew how I would already have started it.

Not like I can help in any way, but I would love to see those options for my Nexus 7 Pad. Now if i only new the first thing about proramming…:flushed:


There is an app that can do no. 2. It’s Twonky.  It can play the hub’s videos on your tablet. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Yeah I use Twonky and BubbleUPNP and they both work well but I want to see MY covers and backdrops on my tablet like I do on the Hub. Every app *I* have tried that displays thumbnails will show the folder.jpg for every file in that folder but NOT the corresponding jpg file for the movie file…or it uses the first few seconds of the video to create it’s own thumbnail (really lame). We already have the files all the app has to do is give you the option to use what it finds on the internet or what you have on the drive. It could even read the .xml files for the info…

Dag I wish I knew how to program.

I access HUB movies without Twonky just by opening them up via the File Explorer app. It connect to the shares over samba and I play them with a media player. It works well but as above, would be cool to use the cover JPG and XML or possibly even movie sheet. Daring to dream…