How a user can gain same possibilities as admin

Dear All. I am very new with this WD My Cloud. I got mine yesterday, together with my boyfriend as a shared harddrive to backup our mac computers. I set the cloud up, so i am the admin. Afterwards i installed WD Sync, and created a user for my boyfriend. But he has many problems with using this device. With the Sync, suddenly i had all his documents on my com, and vise versa. This was not what we had in mine, since we wanted to use the cloud as a personal storage for both of us, which means we cannot look in each others stuff! I can use mine as i should with drag and drop, but he cannot! I uninstalled my Sync, because i did not want to have his stuff on my computer, and for me it still work. My boyfriend hoverever does not have the same layout on the cloud as me (documents, WD sync, etc), and he cannot drag and drop. He need to drag it into the sync program, and then he comes in the cloud, where i can drag it directly. Is it just me, who have to little knowledge on this thing, or is there something wrong? I have a new Air, and he have an “Older” Pro. I thank everybody for the help provided. :slight_smile:

Have you read all the Help information provided in the Dashboard?

Have you visited the Learning Center.

Here is the link to the Firmware Version 04 User Manual.

Here is the link to the Firmware Version 02 Users Manual.

Here is the link to the SmartWare User Manual

You may want to look at this.
My Cloud │ How it Works

I feel i have read everything! I made now a user to myself, with my won second email, created a password and spend My cloud. Now this count for the same conditions as my boyfriend. For this user i gave as admin exactly the same access as to my boyfriend. I log in, and i can drag and drop as i want, without using (installing) WD sync. So i guess i must be a problem of his mac?? Even if we have the same operation systems. His mac is 4 years older than mine, but i should still e fine.
But many thanks, i will anyway try to look on the links you send me… :slight_smile:

Forgot to give this link which is for Apple Time Machine.

As indicated previously read the various links. Particularly, read the information on creating Users and Shares.

If one does not set a Share to Private and assign User access (Full Access, Read Access, No Access) to that Share, the files within that Share will be visible to anyone who can access the My Cloud.

Generally when one uses WD Sync it should default to syncing to the User’s Share. However, if one changes (within the WD Sync program) the default sync location on the My Cloud they could select a sync folder that other computers are syncing to. If this is the case then one may have the files from that other computer synced into their computer. That could account for what you describe, seeing your boyfriends files on your computer (if that is what you are really seeing).

But, what i need to know is, why he cannot drag and drop, or even upload to the cloud?? He has the same access as i gave the other user (a test of my self), and he has a mac like me. He should be able to use the cloud even without Sync, but he is not! This is the only thing he can use. And this cannot be right. Since mine is perfect without the sync, both for admin and user.

I don’t know if this would help as it seems you have tried everything, but here goes:

How to use WD Sync to sync data with a My Cloud storage device

WD MyCloud NAS drive not accessible in El Capitan

I am not a Mac user … just trying to offer some help.

Is that person using Mac Finder on their Mac to access the My Cloud if connected to the same local network as the My Cloud?

For remote access one would have to use the WD My Cloud Desktop program on their Mac or the MyCloud web portal to upload/download files. Or if using a v4.x My Cloud, install the CloudDAVMod to their v4.x My Cloud and map the My Cloud remotely or use the web interface to upload/download files remotely.

No we are both using the web address to open My Cloud. Now i can also not drag folders into the cloud?? What is wrong with this system?? Or is it just us not being smart enough to use it?? Thank you for your link about El Capitan… This could be a reason, but it still does not make much sense. And i do not understand why i cannot drag? From Finder, or from desktop (or what is it called?

Which “web address” are you using to “open” the My Cloud?


From where to where are you trying to drag files?

Generally if one wants to move files from their local computer to the My Cloud one can, from their local network:
Drag files using the Mac Finder (or Windows File Explorer) to a My Cloud Share.
Drag files using the Mac Finder (or Windows File Explorer) to a My Cloud Share that has been mapped to the computer.

Or from a remote location:
Drag files using the Mac Finder into the web portal interface to copy files.
Drag files using the Mac Finder (or Windows File Explorer) into the My Cloud Dashboard program to copy files.

Or use the WD My Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android to access the My Cloud from a remote location.

Im am using
We are on ou local “home network”. And all we want now, is drag from local computer to the Cloud.

I wanted to drag folders from Finder, or desktop, directly into My Cloud (webpage) As i say WD Manager did in a youtube movie. But it seems this is not the right thing to do? I should drag it to the share, and then i can move it to my personal folder cloud? Right now, the Share is located in Finder. I my This Share is under “Common” as a drive, and there it is a little difficult, if i need to drag from Finder? And i cannot change location of this MyCloud. Or do i need to make a share in the Dashboard? And then this is the place to drag?

Also, to upload files to is not possible for my boyfriend? We both run El Capitan 10.11.05.

I am really grateful for your help… :slight_smile:

No idea what “” is or why you are using it in conjunction with a My Cloud.

As indicated above, have you taken the time to read the My Cloud User Manual? Or the" How it Works" link? Both links will explain how to use the My Cloud.

First, the term “Share” is the same as “folder” with respect to the My Cloud. Shares are where one stores content on the My Cloud. You create the initial Share through the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page. Once the Share has been created it will show up when one uses the Mac Finder to access the My Cloud.

See the User Manual which explains how to use the Mac Finder to access the My Cloud. As explained above El Capitan has a variety of problems with the My Cloud.

Even though the following WD Support link doesn’t mention the My Cloud the steps are generally the same for mapping a Share to the local Mac computer.

You really can just “drag and drop” from the local Mac hard drive to the My Cloud using Finder provided the Finder can properly access the My Cloud.

I don’t have a Mac but on Windows one can simply drag from Windows File Explorer into the window to copy files when one is connected remotely to the My Cloud. Just make sure to be in a Share where you want to copy the files to in the window.

Im so sorry, it was a typo… I use of course

I read more or less te whole manual, but i did not get much wiser. I started reading again, to see if i understand better. Makes more sense, the Shares are “folders”. i did not get that.

But you have really been of great help… :slight_smile: I will try to read on the Finder part.