Hotway/Mediasonic external enclosure USB

Hi all. I’m planning in purchasing a Hotway/Mediasonic external enclosure. Either a 2 drive or 4 drive. I’m going to be inserting 2/3 TB drives (non raid) for all my media files.


Will the WDTV live SMP support the drives/show all the drives  via it’s USB connection? I don’t really want to go through my network.



This particular enclosure has not been tested.

Here at the list of the supported devices that have been tested so far.

You do not have to go trough your network if you don’t want to. Just make sure to connect one of the supported USB drives.

That really doesn’t answer my question.

In any case, I have found out the correct answer. Refer to JBOD thread.


Good to know. I own the mediasonic 4 bay enclosure and I love it. I have it hooked up to a PC though and I share it out to the HUB. For a pretty innexpensive enclosure, it works as advertised and I am totaly happy with the purchase. I intend to buy another one when I need more space.

Thanks for the info