Hotel settings

Hi guys. First of all, a cordial greeting to you all and please, forgive my weak English.

I got a 2TB WD Elements Play and… a special need. I own a holiday home and I plan to leave the player to the free use of my guests. This is why I bought it. The problem comes when you leave the apartment, because it has a device which disconnects the electrical system in the absence of occupants, like many hotels do.

It happens that at the reactivation of the electrical system, the WD does not maintain its off-state, but switches on, thus spinning its internal drive. I fear that in the long run this may lead to a failure of the disk itself. So, is there a firmware able to modify the WD behaviour when the current turns on, that’s forcing to maintain its off-state, thus inhibiting its switch-on?

Thank you for your kind attention


Why don’t  you make sure it is switched off (at the socket) when you leave it.  Then when the mains power is switched on, the residents will need to switch it on at the socket to use it and then presumably they will continue put it on standby when not on use.  If you leave instructions for the unit to be switched off at the socket when people leave, this may work.

I don’t understand what you mean with “switch on/off at the socket”. Maybe did you mean “plug/unplug the power supply”? If so, this is impossible, because it is inaccessible behind the furniture. You know, some houses are very elegant and you won’t see loose wires.

However, let me say that you have a quite romantic idea of the average guest. If they were all so kind to follow instructions, why I would have needed a device to cut-off the current?

In any case, thanks to you all.