Hotel computer

Hi i am new to all this so if anyine could plz help that would be great. i have a mybooklive Version MyBookLive 02.43.03-022 : Core F/ wook great for inside the network. what i would like to do is use it when i am on vacation to upload all the picture my wife take.she can fill up 2 or 3 sd cards a day(i know she like to take pictures).so i would like to use the hotel compter in room to move the picture off the sd card to mybooklive.i do not think i can install sofftware on the hotel computer.can this be done and if so could you plz tell me step by step.i have a d-link dir-655 router.all computer have a static ip address

I wouldn’t recommend using a hotel computer AT ALL for this type of task.

That’s a good way to get viruses on your SD cards that then infect all of your PCs.

But if that’s not a concern, then juse use