Hot in standby?!?


Hi, is normal my WDTVLIVE is hot in standby? not very hot, but not cold like other  appliances…

Thanks :wink:


i guess yours didnt come with the huge yellow sticker covering the AC input…


Mine gets hot as well. What does the sticker say, I can’t remember. Probably something to the effect of “Don’t block vent holes” or something. Well, mine is standing up in a manner that is acceptable to WD I know as they put spots for rubber feet on that side. All that is next to it is an external HHD that is always turned off . It is just there for back up and hasn’t even been connected in weeks. It is not covering any vent holes. And, still, yes, my Live is warm in standby.


Its warm because it is not off, its on standby. Obviously power has still got to be supplied to the infra red receiver etc in order for it recognise the remote command to switch back on again. It  consumes about 5 watts on and 4 watts in standby, so yes I would expect it to get warm.