Hope someone can help me with this

I purchased a My Book (3TB) and wanted to use it in conjunction with my WD TV as a movie server.  Had an old drive connected prior to this and it worked fine until the drive died.  I cannot get the WD TV to see the drive.
I have a MacPro that I transferred the files over from.



If you have the drive connected directly to the WD TV using USB then it is not going to show as a media server. It will show as local storage. Also make sure the drive is plugged in directly to a wall outlet to avoid any power issues.

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Thanks for the heads up.  I checked under local storage and it’s a no go.  However, I’ll try the power outlet comment in conjunction with this and repost.  Thanks again for the reply.

I know that the WD TV’s don’t support exFAT for a file system. This perferred for large movies and support for both OS-X and Windows 7/8.x. WDTVs support file systems FAT32, NTFS, and HFS+. Double check your file system on the drive. On the Mac Pro, ‘Get Info’ on the drive and check what the format is.