Home streaming, what to buy

I want to buy a NAS / MyCloud product where I can use Transmission as a torrent client and also be able to stream media to my devices, for example my android tv running VLC player.
Am trying to choose a product to buy but am lost as i do not know if i can install on.
For example can I use WDBVXC0030HWT

Please advice :slight_smile:

for what you want … don’t even consider the My Cloud ‘Home’

The My Cloud Home is not a traditional NAS like the old My Cloud

Heaps of users posts about the MCH … i recommend you do a lot of reading/research

Thats what I was afraid from, thanks for clarifying things for me!
if so what do you recommend, is there a product with the “old mycloud” or a better alternative where i can use for my case… i do not want to use a fully fledged PC to create a media server, and do not want to buy expensive big NAS device!!

thanks again :slight_smile: