Home setup help needed with an EX2 Ultra

Can anyone help me to figure out the best way to setup my home network with a MyCloud EX2 Ultra.
Situation is this:

  1. Broadband router located in living room
  2. My home office located about 10m(30ft) away, with no chance of ‘neat’ cable run/connection (rented house so no drilling through walls/ceilings, etc). I could do it with a ‘temporary’ looking loose long ethernet cable but this looks terrible, constant trip hazard, and 2 doorways on route means cant close doors properly.
  3. Partner and kids computers in other locations in the house - but I DON’T want them to have access to the EX2 as this is purely for my work.
  4. I have 1 x Windows PC and 2 x Macs and I want to have fastest and most stable connection to the EX2 possible (basically the EX2 acts like a ‘server’ ?).
  5. 95% of the time I dont need to access the EX2 through the internet, but in the times I do, I need it to be connected so I can access files when out of my office.
  6. I would ideally like to locate the EX2 in a ‘hidden’ location to provide some protection if my house was ever robbed. This could be in my office somewhere, but not ‘on show’ so to speak.

My thoughts:

  1. Current setup is EX2 is next to router, plugged in and all machines on teh network (including partner and kids) can see/access it. I am finding the connection sometime drops between my PCs and the EX2. I have mapped the drive onto my Windows PC, and added it via ‘Connect to Server’ function on Mac.
  2. An option I thought would be to move the EX2 into my office and get a network switch and connect the EX2 to it as well as my 3 computers. The EX2 would not be connected to the router as it is too far away (and issues with that as above). This removes it from my home network (good) and internet also (not so good). If I ever need to access the EX2 remotely/when out of the office, I will have to disconnect the cable from the switch, and then plug it into the router temporarily.
    My understanding is that the EX2 must be connected via ethernet to thre router to give it internet cloud capabilities?
    It all sounds to clunky and in a way defeats the purpose of having a cloud solution like this…

Any suggestions or advice greatly received.

You should change the sub forum where you posted this message. You are in my cloud home forum not my cloud NOT home…
You should also choose the right forum depending on whether you are using OS3 or OS5.
good luck!

Have you looked for and read the User Manual?

Do you have OS3 or OS5?