Home Network

I’m sure that alot of people out there like myself have little networking knowledge and have come to find that their network when dealing with the HUB is less than sufficient.

As for me, and i believe many others, my Hub is in an entirely seperate room than my router, thus having to use the ‘wireless adapter’ for internet connection.

I constantly am transfering large blu ray files to and from my HUB’s Internal Drive, along with my 2TB External Drive directly connected to my HUB.

I would Like to create a Thread full of all the options we have for connecting the HUB wirelessly to the internet and our home network, along with network drives that we can add into our network for the hub so that the many users of this forum can quickly see their many options as i have seen ALOT of threads dealing with slow speeds and issues.

so what is my cheapest solution to acheiving the greatest wireless speeds? The Options i know of are these:

Please post what your current setup, and the speeds that you are able obtain from it.

I currently have a gigabit ethernet card within my PC, and a wireless G router. I have a Belkin Basic 54mbps Wireless G Adapter. When transfering files from my PC to my Hub i get varying Speeds. I usually get a minimum speed of 900KB/s and a Maximum Speed of 2MB/s.

The Options i have been looking towards for getting a faster Wireless Network are these:

1.) Buy a Wireless N Router ($60) and a Wireless N adapter ($50) and from what i’ve read i should be able to get around 6-8MB/s? right? or is that figure greater or lesser?

2.) Buy a Powerline adater (runs into router and turns electrical sockets into internet connection)


($100) But more stable and also much faster than a wireless connection. Does anyone currently use this option, and how quickly do your files transfer?

What other options are their for wireless connections?



Homeplug powerline devices tend to be faster than most of the wifi connection.  Since a powerline connection is a semi wire setting, however if the electrical circuit of your house is broken it will be slower.  So, is something to verify before going to a powerline device.

I currently have a wirless N router and card in my laptop for my lIve hub. The Max transfer speed i get is about 4.5/mb/sec, you will not  get much faster than this. Typical USB transfer speed is 10mb/sec as a comparision.


I have Dlink 655 N router and Dlink WA-140 wifi N adapter for my Hub, but my laptop is old and is only 802.11 G, so i assume my whole network works only as 802.11 G.

I get 1.30 MB/s  transfer speed, and that’s tops, usually, i get  more like 700 kb/s, is speed this slow normal???

I am using WD PowerLine - actually, I use 4 PowerLine devices - one connected to the Verizon router, one - to WD Live Hub, one - to the wireless AP on the other side of the house, and one - to the second TV. My PC is connected to the router; transfering files to WD Hub over PowerLine connection provides a constant speed of about 6 MB/sec.

I am using an Apple Macbook Pro sending the files wireless with 5Ghz/802.11n to my Thomson modem/router. There it goes into a homeplug (Devolo dLAN 200AV mini) and to the Devolo plug near the WDTV HUB. This plug also dilivers through a switch to an Airport Express (for a 2,4 Ghz network) and my old iMac. 

On Syncing from my computer I reach maximum speeds of up to 4 Mb/s. Average around 2 to 3 Mb/s. when I just drop my files without using sync software they are transported faster.