Home network setting up need help peps

Hi guys, just bought a house and the basement still needs to be renovovated… which will not be done till Oct or Nov… Which means I have no ceiling down there… so while the upstairs is being renovated (Bungalow) I decided to wire every room with Cat 6 cable.  Picked up a reel of cabel plugs couplers etc. This way we can watch TV in every room through My Book Live.  There is or was to many interuption going though wireless networking when watching multiple file music videos - does not seam to stream it properly… not knowing what the technical term is… any how… 

I set up all of the cables upstairs.  Have not started on the basement yet but will have to do it soon before the contractor comes in and does the ceiling and walls… So Upstairs I was able to piggy back off the TV Cabel (took 4 guys - half a day to install TV Cabel in the house which had not been upgraded in over 10 years.  I got them to put cabel in every room as well as the basement based on what were doing with the home renos down there.) I still had to drill my own holes (there was too small to feed extra cable through)So right now I have…

3 cables in the living room for the media center

2 in the bedroom; and

3 in my office)

Questions Time:  I will be putting couplers on all of the ends that go into the rooms upstairs… Now when setting up my home network down stairs I have a 16 port switch two routers… .  Would it not look nicer if I put couplers on the ends and put a box on the wall then plug in which rooms I want to have internet access? I am going to end up having about 25 connections.  I know that not all of them will be used… Or do I just put plugs on the ends and connect them directly to the switch.  I know that it would look neater with couplers on the ends if set up properly… looking more professional… How ever is it going to make that much of a difference in the speed if it is not directly connected to the switch??  

Any suggestions on how any one would do theirs would be great!

Hi vanessa1969, there should not be a big difference in speed if you use couplers or not. 

Thanks I know it will look much neater and if we decide to sell the place after were done the renos… we do not have plugs flying around the place… I am going to try the couplers… put them in a junction box… with a plate in front numbered… will look more professional…  if it is too slow with the system that we have in place I can always install the plugs I left enough cabel for that… will keep you updated on it… … 

Any other views or opions on this topic would be great!  the more the merry!