Home network set up

I have set up a home network comprising 3 myclouds an 1 home cloud.
I can access the myclouds through the app ‘mycloud’ and the home cloud through ‘mycloud home’ app.
I also have 2 wireless passports.
Can I add these passports to my network and disconnect them only when I need to take them with me?

How do you plan on connecting your Passports, to the rear of one of your My Clouds, a computer or to your router? If you use one of the My Clouds you can disconnect them safely by using the Dashboard.

Short answer is yes.

But how are you planning to use them?

The wireless passports are not intended for continuous use. Not sure that they have red drives in them like cloud units do…

How are they being hooked to the network? They don’t have ethernet ports. If they are being used wirelessly, they will act much like the MyCloud units. BUT they will be limited by the WiFi speed. If you plug them into USB ports of the Cloud units, they will essentially act as usb hard drives - so what’s the point?

I generally use the wireless units on wifi at home just for diagnostics and small file transfers. The setup is very similar to the MyClouds, except they are on air and not on wire. If I am doing major file transfer, I will hook them up to a USB port of a PC to get better speed. My main usage for the wireless passports is as a small NAS unit that I take with me - I often go where Internet access to my home NAS units is not effective. (Plex on the road)

One note: when you are on your home network, the mycloud apps will work on them just fine. When away from home, I don’t think I was able to access the wireless passports. I didn’t deep drill why.