HOME DUAL // Can't connect on one user's account

Hello everyone !

Yesterday I still had access when the server’s was down but one of the user I gave access to wasn’t. So I started to look over and sign out from my own account.

Since it’s back. I can connect to every account, except mine now.

Someboday had the same problem ? Can you help me ? All my life document are there.

It’s says everytime I try to connect that dual home is still offline !!

Have a great day you all !

Hi @Ama_guise,

We experienced an issue with our service that brought your My Cloud Home or ibi device offline.
We understand that your data is important to you, and the content on your device is not at risk from this outage. The issue has been addressed with an update that is now available.

The update will install automatically within a few hours, or you may speed up the process by power cycling the unit once.