Home button for the newer firmware version

I have a friend out of state who just bought a used WDTV Live Streaming. She tells me when she presses the HOME button on the remote, it goes to the Services page where YouTube and Hulu is located.

I setup a shortcut so when she presses zero on the remote, it goes to Videos. Then I asked her to press the back button in hope that the normal Home page would display. It did not, it went back to the Services page again. Is this normal behavior for v2.x or maybe in v2.x you can change the Home button to point somewhere else like Services? (I’m asking because I’m on v1.x)

To clarify, the normal Home page I’m referring to is the bar along the bottom that has Videos - Photos - Services - Setup, etc. It’s the top picture on page 56 of the user manual.

Sounds like she’s got the Grid theme in use (I think that’s what it was called) instead of the Mochi theme.

She can change by going to SETTINGS (the Gear icon at the top) APPEARANCE – USER INTERFACE THEM – Mochi.

I preferred the GRID theme, personally… You can put the VIDEOS app right at the top left and have quick access to it.

Yeap, you were right the GRID theme was installed. She changed it to the default and it is working as expected. Thanks for your feedback.