Hmmmmm.... What's up with Monsters, Inc on this thing?

I saw this in another thread, but the system wouldn’t let me reply to it.

First, I just bought the WD TV Live SMP last week. I’m playing movies from an attached external Western Digital 2TB USB drive. I’ve ripped the Monsters, Inc DVD using DVDFab (as I have with about 150 movies so far). I rip the DVD to ISO (only the movie, subtitles, and audio).

For some reason, the Monsters, Inc is jittery when I play it back on the WD TV Live SMP. I’ve tried reripping it using DVDFab - same issue.

Here are some things I’ve tried:

I’ve ripped it using MakeMKV and it plays fine.

I’ve taken the original ISO rip (the one that plays jittery) and ran it through Handbrake to make an MKV and it plays fine (also reduced the file size from about 4 gigs to 1.5 gigs - I wonder how much quality loss).

I’ve also ripped the DVD (using DVDFab) straight to MKV and it plays fine.

It seems this movie has a problem playing correctly when It’s ripped to ISO. Doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve ripped about 150 movies using the same program (DVDFab), ripping to the same ISO format, etc… and they don’t have issues playing back.

I’ve tried some other solutions that have been suggested to no avail (turning off media share, tried different hard drive, changing video ouput mode, using paperclip to reset the WD TV Live unit, etc…)

By the way, I’m using the latest firmware.

Actually, I have this problem with another move too - Winnie the Pooh adventures

Anyone have any answers or other suggestions? Do you have an issue with this movie or others? I’m at wit’s end!!!


Okay, I’ve found a few more movies that play back with jitter, but when I go into the video settings and turn “dvd menu” to off, then it plays back fine, HOWEVER the movie looks squiched and stretched!

A firmware bug?

None of my ISOs ripped with DVDfab jitter and they also are display in the proper format. DVD Menu is on but I always rip without.

There’s a few others that report issues with that exact DVD…  And a few other Disney / Pixar releases.

No one knows what’s unique about those titles…  

Wall.E behaves the same as Monsters Inc. Virgin rip a Wall.E bluray. There is no main m2ts file instead the folder contains many small m2ts files. Play the files one at a time in sequence. Some files will play fine, some files will speed up the video and slow it down in the same clip, and some files will intermittently mute the audio. As you play father you will find some files that are numbered in sequence play out of sequence files.

I have found about 10 bluray titles with no main m2ts file behaving similarly to Wall.E and Monsters Inc.

Well, you could always mux them into one file, however the OP is talking about DVDs.