Hitachi 2 TB Internal HD "A Disk Read Error Occurred"

Hey there everyone!! :smiley: I am currently undergoing an Internal Hard Drive issue and am looking for anyone with a greater knowledge of HD’s than me to help me out if they could, it would mean quite a lot!

Currently my issue is that when ever I try to boot my computer to Windows from my BIOS settings, I get the message “A disk read error occurred” & “Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”. The Hard Drive makes on and off vibrations as well as a noise coming from the inside. This can be seen in the video I have linked.

The noise and vibrating don’t occur when the device is working properly, but for an example whenever I would first boot up my pc for the first time after a day for say, the HD would not appear and the noise and shaking would be made ever since I first received the HD. So I suppose this noise and shaking is in relation to some sort of issue.

I would like the data on the drive if I could keep it by any matters, and any help would be so heavily appreciated.

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Check your hard drive cables
There are two parts to check, SATA/IDE cable and SATA/IDE port. The “a disk read error occurred” error would come out if one of them has been damaged.
Solution 1. Reconnect hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD)