Historical 3.5" hard drive milestones / release dates (multi-terabyte)

I’m looking to find and confirm information about recent hard drive milestones (with the first company to reach the milestone credited for the achievement). The first date is when a press release announced a new drive, and the second date is when consumers could actually buy the drive. These two dates aren’t easy to separate or find. A question mark indicates the date might not be correct.

1.0 TB by HGST
Announced: January 4, 2007
Released: March 19, 2007?

1.5 TB by Seagate
Announced: July 10, 2008
Released: August 2008?

2.0 TB by Western Digital
Announced: January 27, 2009
Released: ???

2.5 TB by ???
Announced: ???
Released: ???

3.0 TB by Seagate
Announced: June 29, 2010
Released: ???

4.0 TB by Seagate
Announced: September 7, 2011
Released: ???

Difficult to know. Searching on Google, you should be able to find all that information.