Highest resolution for thumbnails / wallpaper / images displayed on screen?

I have a question about the resolution of the following type of pictures, used with WD TV media player devices:

  1. What is the largest DISPLAYED pixel resolution (hight + width) for a thumbnail (the thumbnail that is used in the xml files, not the smaller one that is shown in the list where all movies are displayed). By displayed resolution I mean, if I was to use a really large image as a thumbnail, WDTV will automatically downsize it when displaying it on the screen - I want to know what this displayed size is, in pixels? The reason I want to know is, I want to use as large thumbnails as possible, but not deeper resolution than what would ultimately be displayed.

  2. I want to know the same regarding wallpapers – what pixel resolution is the fullscreen of WDTV’s interface (the background/wallpaper)?

  3. And lastly, I want to know, what the largest pixel resolution of pictures (as when viewing various JPG images stored on a USB drive), what is the actual displayed size when viewing them in fullscreen? For example, if I go to “Pictures” and open a JPG images that is 1698x1131 pixels in size, and WDTV displays it, it would have to resize it in order to show all of the image – what is the size of the image displayed in fullscreen?

  1. It depends on the theme being used. You can download the theme files from within the GPL source code and examine the characteristics there.

  2. IIRC, the UI is registered at 720p, but that info may be out of date.

  3. That depends entirely on your display. IE, if your TV is 1920x1080, then that’s what it will display. The WD will downscale or upscale anything different to fit.

Hello! Thank you for replying to my post.

You mentioned downloading the theme files from within the GPL source code… How do I do that? I am not sure where to look? PS: I’ve been using the default theme.

Look at the WD TV Themes section, too… lots of stuff discussed there, too…