High-Res M2TS Files

I’m quite new to all of this stuff, so sorry if this is a stupid question.

I have recently purchased a Hauppaue HDPVR to back up my HDPVR  (Motorola).  I am importing the videos as M2TS files at 13.5 MPS at 720p with 60 f/s.  The Audio is 5.1 through optical cable.  Due to the huge file size (about 18 gb for a 3 hour game) I am unable to just put them on a FAT32 and PS3 playback.  I am looking at buying one of these WDTV units, are they going to properly play my big files?

Thanks guys.

The Live will play files, hard wired, at least up to 30gbps (that’s bit rate) and files can be of any size (typically blu-ray rips are 30GB or more mt2s files) so the files you represent shouldn’t be an issue (although I’m a little confused by the statement “18 gb for a 3 hour game” – are you talking about a sporting event, like a basketball or football game?)

So, absolutely, the Live will handle those files with no issue at all.  The bigger question is how you will feed the files to it – it can accept directly connected hard drives (not all of them, but most standard ones), ones served as netshares, and those served by media servers (although the latter is a bit more temperamental).

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Thanks for the reply.

I have them saved on a 1TB WD MyBook.  I can plug it directly in if need be without any issue.

Sounds like I’ll give this item a go then.  Thanks.

As for the 18 gb per 3 hour game.  It was a sporting event, as that’s what most of my files are.  Sorry about that, should’ve explained better.

Thanks again.

Mike, did you REALLY intend to say 30 gbps, as in GIGAbits per second?   WOW!!!   :wink:

Ooops, misstyped (obviously, 30mbps.  Oh well, look at my avatar and you’ll see why I made this mistake :>)