High quality generic thumbnails?

Anyone know of a site that has a ton of High quality generic thumbnails so I can work on getting the right pictures assigned to my folders. Now that ih ave all the Media files taken care of for the most part I am a little sad itj ust takes the first picture of the alphabetical order andp uts it as the folders picture.

When I say Generic I want some thumbnails that is called Media so I was thinking it could have a movie reel/photograph and an intrument of some kind in it. I then have a Section for Action as well and so on.

Ultimately I need a site that has some good thumbnails that would work outside of just a movie DB site that has box top pictures only for the most part.

I am REALLY bad when it comes to picture design so I was hoping ot “borrow” others work because if I went with mine I would get a ms paint 16 color picture with some circle that is supposed ot be a reel, a square that is supposed ot be representative of a picture and some line I would pass off as a flute but was really just osme line tool thing.

I had kind of hoped there would already be some selection of generic icons with this device as it is to help sorting.

Try sending a PM to Tinwarble, he knows a lot about this. :wink: