High load uload cycle count 132.004 until now why?

my internal hard disk for my desktop health is 100 %

but the cycle count is 132.004 until now

maybe 10 to 20 every 1 minute why?

i have onother wd hd 2 tb which is normal

and onother hitachi 500 gb hd which is normal

but my 1tb wd hd is high in load and unload cycle count

how to fix that

Hi is it a WD Green drive if so the early ones park the heads a lot when not in use and that makes the load unload count grow. But it should not park the heads 20 times a minute that seems to be a problem with the drive or a program accessing the drive check for spyware with Malwarebytes. They used a program called widdle 3 from WD. It modifies the behavior of the drive to wait longer before positioning the heads in their park position and turning off unnecessary electronics but it is not meant for all drives using this on the wrong drive could damage the drive and void the warranty so if you are not comfortable using a program like that don’t use it if you do use it make sure all your data is backed up. What drive is it the model number. Also try a test on the drive with Hard Drive Sentinel it will report any problems you can also set the drive to sleep when not in use but it seems something is accessing the drive all the time.

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