High Load Cycle Count (LCC) On New My Book 4 TB

I have a LCC of 530 on a new My Book 4 TB with only 18 hours of use. This seems high.  Since this is a USB 3.0 drive I dont think Wdidle3 can be used to lower LCC.  Is this normal?  Is there anything I can do short of returning the drive back to Costco.  It’s gone up to 562 in the last 30 minutes.


The following article provides information regarding this issue:

The S.M.A.R.T Attribute 193 Load/Unload counter keeps increasing on a SATA 2 hard drive


Over 1000 LCC in a little over 24 hrs of use.  I think those links are in regards to hard drives that are connected by sata not  USB 3.0 like this My Book 4TB.  This hard drive is going back