“High/HD” with WD TV Live Plus Netflix app

Is anyone getting “High/HD” with WD TV Live Plus Netflix app?

If yes, then which video and under what conditions?


WD TV Live Plus Netflix app will NOT display “High/HD” 1080p? with 15.5 Mb/s Ethernet connected.

Netflix app will display maximum resolution “Medium/HD” 720p? with same connection.


Hulu Plus and YouTube appear to display 1080p with same connection.


Panasonic TV Netflix app displays “High/HD” 1080p with same connection. 

Panasonic TV Netflix app looks same as WD TV Live Plus app.


Additional information:  Firmware is current, Audio is 5.1

Yes, i can.  To assure you are setup correctly at NETFLIX, go into to your NETFLIX account and find the control for streaming quality and select the highest you can receive.

Netflix is set to best quality.