High disk usage by WD

I keep getting a message on my computer (even when My Book Essential is disconnected) that -

High Disk Usage by WD

Whata does this mean?


Well, if your drive comes with SmartWare maybe this software is consuming a high CPU memory… I don’t know if you use this software but if you wish to avoid this you can uninstall the software or get the latest version which should fix this:



Latest version:


Hope it helps :).

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Thank you for your reply.

Are you saying that I should uninstall and then load new version - and NOT upgrade?

Its interesting - because I was reading before about UPGRADING but it was off-putting because of having to disconnect from anti virus programmes etc.

But if you are sure this will solve the problem of - as you rightly say - the consuming a high CPU memory , I think I should make the change. I just want to clarify my question above with you

Thanks again

thank you : Gabthemonster - but please come back and confirm my clarification/ further question.

Thanks in advance 

Sorry for the late response…

Uninstalling and reinstalling the software should fix this issue that you’re experiencing. And yes, uninstall the software and install the update version directly. And no, IMO is not neccesary to disable the anti virus software or any other application.

Hello Gabthemonster,

Thanks again - but I’m not finished yet :wink:

After reading some other posts here I am wondering if this software is really any good - and would like you - or someone - to recommend a back-up software or best way to keep my computer backed up daily. Please… Thank you

Well, if you decided not to use the WD SmartWare, you can use the Windows backup utility. See the following links

Windows 7 :


Windows XP:


Windows Vista:


Hope it helps.

I tired all the suggestions, uninstalled, installed current version, updated BIOS, and still all the same problems. High Disk Usage, major system deterioration, never able to safely disconnect as it’s always in use, etc.  I also am strongly considering uninstalling the WD Smartware, but have a few questions first.  Other than the free Windows backup software suggested above, does anyone have any recommendations for Backup software, similar to the WD  Smartware ? Because I do like the Smartware features, especially being able to retrieve individual files. 

Also, until I actually install other BU software, I plan on uninstalling the WD Smartware, and if necessary to retrieve something, re-install it as needed ? Although a bit of a hassle re-installing, probably a lot better than dealing with the deterioration daily.

Are  the 32 character alpha-numeric files in the WD_Smartware folder the  various full backups ? I thought they would be , but they all have a few various dates in April 2010, when I first ran the backup.  Can any of these be deleted ?  Are each of then the various backups ? Is the date hidden somewhere in the alpha-numeric ?

Also, there is another folder, WD Smartware.swstor that also has one of those 32 character alpha-numeric files. That one has a date in June. What is the difference ?

I apologize for the rambling, but it’s been a long, frustrating trip with the WD Smartware.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Try this MS SyncToy after uninstalling Smartware…  SyncToy is free and keep your files in sync. You can access your backup from any PC.