High Density JPEG file ( resolution 5184x3456) viewing on WD Live

I have High Density JPEG files downloaded from Cannot EOS T5i camera on “Large” and “Medium” image quality settings ( resolutions are 5184x3456 and 2592x1728.

Can I view these files directly though QD Live TV media player  ?


Hi nickka, welcome to the Community.  JPEG/JPG has a max resolution of 4096x4096 unless it is in a progressive format, then maxes out at 1280x720.

I have a 6D and it displays my 5184x3456’s just fine. The portrait vs landscape is a little distorted but not much.  I set the aspect ratio at normal.

Slide shows will run slower (Mine is connected via ethernet and they still load slow).  For speed with the higher quality images I use a USB or “my” media server. (not the WD’s media server)

I just did a test as to why some render faster than others even when the file size is the same. By default all canon jpegs are marked as 72dpi. When I open the raw file and save it via photoshop, it is marked 300dpi.  If you google the difference in canon, you will see they are the same.  It’s just so the jpgs render faster on a PC etc.  I set one of the 300 to 72, file size did not change and it renders with WDTV much faster.