High CPU usage by smbd process


I use EX2 mostly for storing photos made by me. I mount EX2 share as windows drive and then work on photos (by network drive) in some graphic programs. When I process few photos I notice significant change in EX2 performance (for worse). Drive is unable to send data fster then 500kb/s. (I work on Canon RAW files which is about 30-40 mb each).

Main reason for this reduced performance is smbd proces (on EX2) which takes 100% of CPU and becouse of that reducing data processed. Is any solution to this ? This is very annoying issue, right now converting 1500 photos from RAW to JPG takes about 5 HOURS, becouse EX2 couldn’t send data fast enough.

If anyone have solution for this issue I would very appreciate for sharing such solution with me.

When you write that the uploads are very slow, is this when using the WDMyCloud app or Windows explorer? If you disable the DLNA media server, does the device still appear to be slow after new upload completes?