High cpu load nasAdmin

After updating to version 5.03.103, the CPU is always over 40%.




Mi EX4100 lleva 10 horas indexando 2TB… la CPU está constantemente al 90%
Cómo puedo volver a la versión anterior del firmware?
Cómo solucionar el indexado eterno??

Lleva 10 horas así!!
Lo he reiniciado dos veces, pero sigue la CPU al 100% y la memoria al 60%…
La segunda vez que lo reinicié ya no estaba indexando, después del reinicio ha vuelto a empezar!!
Hay solución?

Parece que el problema se debe a un proceso llamado “restsdk-server”
restsdk-server mantiene la cpu al 90% y la memoria al 60% constantemente.

Hay solución para eliminar ese proceso? Qué es exactamente?

This behavior of CPU due to REST_SDK usage is normal since the device is indexing your My Cloud content.
Rebooting the device will not help to stop the process and it will continue the indexing.

There is a couple of solution that you can find on the below KBA.

"restsdk-server” still keeps eating almost all the CPU Resource of my EX2 Ultra after indexing.
Any idea what is happening and how to solve it?

ps. I’ve tried all that I can. I even reset the system just 1-hour ago, and now it is running indexing again.

Hi, I had same cpu usage but it stop when indexing was finished. So, when I upgrade to os5 I have to share folders for new and indexing start.
For around 3TB, I wait 4 days with 99% CPU, but to understand I stop sharing and try to share master folders one by one and I seen where many many photos are stored, indexing required much more to be completed (I wait 2.5 days only for that).

This in my experience.

My problem is, it keeps using almost 100% CPU, no matter it indexing or not.

now with the new version firmware 5.04.114, the usage of CPU is a bit lower, but indexing seems would not stop.

Same here. Indexing has finally stopped. CPU is still running at 80, 90, 100%. Fans are at 9-10k rpm. There is nothing else going on. No network traffic. No Time Machine Backup. No USB Backup. Restart didn’t solve it.

Mine is sitting at almost 100% since the uddate. “NasAdmin” process at about 70% and “Top” taking rest.

My experience with OS5 upgrade has been similar — still indexing for about 1-2 TB of data after 2+ days. An explicit warning/estimate from WD about the excessive time before the upgrade and a progress bar displaying percent completed would have been much appreciated. How about disabling the use of thumbnail images? I suspect that most of us can do without them.

@iwoodcutter : do you happen to have WD Quick View installed on your PC? if so you can you try quitting or uninstalling the software?

@dpdamato : Thanks for the feedback, we will be adding progress indicator in the next release.

It is. I closed but no difference. Ever since firmware update the CPU is almost always 100% and fan is running full tilt much of the time.

Same here. Bought a new MyCloudEx2Ultra and after a day of loading all files, the CPU is pegged at 95% for almost 12 hours.

Is there any WD Support personnel here?
Is this expected behavior ?

@VS007, did you upgrade to the OS5 and is the system indexing? If so, here is a KB article that may help you.

Else, contact the WD Support directly:

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Thanks for your response. The indexing stopped and with that the cpu usage is back to normal and snappier response