High clicking sound when using WD Lifeguard tools

I have a WD HC530 14TB drive. When using the SMART drive Quick test it makes a very high retract sound from the arms or hard clicking sound twenty seconds into the test. Is this normal?

That sound is the head assembly moving back and forth and it is nothing to be concerned about. Helium disks tend to be noisier than low cost shingled disks etc.

Thanks for the reply!

WD support says it is faulty. They didn’t say exactly what it was that was causing the sound just that it was faulty and need to be returned back.

They send a link

It does make a hard click (head assembly) every five seconds or so, it resonates through the whole drive and chassis. If the article says it’s normal behaviour i believe it’s not faulty however during the Quick Test the heads assembly make quite a high sound after 5-10 seconds into the test.