Hiding Virtual CD Drive went bad

hi, i recently bought “WD My Book Essential 1.5TB” (WDBAAF0015HBK-EESN) … didnt liked the Virtual CD Drive … so i properly followed instructions - updated firmware, successfully finished hiding drive with WD Virtual CD Manager … but after i reconnected my drive … it was dead. Unknown USB Device in Windows, even BIOS didnt recognize it … so another day i wanted to return drive in the shop, they told me i can only claim warranty on it … so i waited and in the end … i got a new one. So i have a new one … and i want to ask … if there is possibility that by hiding it again … it could go again dead ? Are there some circumstances in which such a thing can happen ? Does anybody have a similiar experiences ? I want to hide it … but it seems like huge risk to do it again for me now.


 This time around Copy the Contents of the WD Smartware VCD into a Folder on the Computer,before disabling it.

And if the Computer does not find Drivers for the WD SES Device, you can always Update it thro’ the Device Manager.

The ‘WD SES Device Drivers’ are located in a Folder called ‘Extras’ within the VCD Contents.


It sounds very much like the firmware upgrade did not really succeed, and left the bridge IC in the enclosure unable to start up and work properly.

If you want to try again, do the following to help assure success:

  1. Remove all the data from the drive, and copy the virtual CD contents to your computer (as it contains some useful tools that you might want later). The drive should be blank before you continue.

  2. Close all programs and shut down any anti-virus, anti-malware or other security software. Double check to be sure that you have closed or shut off all the programs you can shut off.

  3. Connect the drive directly to a USB port on your computer. Consider using a different USB port than you did the first time. Don’t connect the drive through a USB hub or with a really long cable.

Good luck!

Here is a video that shows a quick step by step on how to disable the VCD in Windows.