Hide results from YouTube

See my idea here:


But my question for everyone else… is there a way to hack the WD to make it look like it’s Windows? This way we can just view all those files we’re not allowed to view on TV?

You mean to really install Windows on the WDTV? Nope not possible. 

No… not install Windows.

I was saying maybe someone can hack firmware to trick YouTube into thinking we’re running say Windows so it will play videos that are “restricted” for playing on my WD.

It’s annoying to use that remote to spell out something like “of monsters and men” or “death cab for cutie” and have a lot of the results not be able to play. Then I accidentally play one and have to wait a few seconds for it to get back to the search results so I can choose something else.

Ideally they should just hide those results. If they can display the little icon showing it can’t play on my TV then they can most easily hide those results.