Hide/remove backups volume/partition

Hi all…

I’m loving my new 3TB MBL, but would like to get rid (if I can) of the “backups” partition/volume/server (whatever) that appears alongside the main NAS in my Shared Items Listing in the sidebar (OSX)… I have no intention of using the MBL for backups (not with WDs software anyway), and it would streamline my desktop to not have a double up of this sort.

Can this entry be hidden, or otherwise removed?? I do plan on getting a 2nd, and maybe a 3rd MBL, I’d hate to have 3 of these entries cluttering up my sidebar…

You have an Apple MAC or similar?  Do this now.

How to turn on SSH if you still have a functioning Dashboard IU:

  1. Sign-on to the Dashboard UI.
  2. Assuming that you didn’t change the name of your MBL, goto the URL:  http://MyBookLive.local/UI/ssh
  3. Enable it incase your Dashboard UI is rendered inoperative.

This gives you the route to the NAS’s Linux operating system to fix things.

Do NOT forward port 22 from the MyBook Live to the WAN interface on your router !!!

It’ll save you having to return your MyBook Live in case anything goes wrong…

See: http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/About-MBL-not-going-to-sleep-log-files-filling-system-partition/td-p/322457

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There is an entry for this in /etc/nas/mDNSresponder.conf.  I wonder what would happen if you commented this section out.  I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know.

The link you gave MyBookLive.local/UI/ssh - ends up at the normal login screen for Dashboard, can’t see anything about ssh around??

Sorry - sorted after I read your post more carefully… cheers…

Did you ever Solve your original issue of wanting to remove the backup volume?

No… and now I do have 2 MBL’s I have two of them cluttering my sidebar! :slight_smile:

Well I was at least able to collapse them all into one entry so that it only shows the current drives that you are signed into and one more… “All…”

To do this you go into the Finder sidebar Preferences and uncheck ‘Bonjour Computers’. This works for me because I have nothing that I need to always access through Bonjour.

if you have any more ideas, POst them here and we will work on this.

I know this is an older thread, but I have a solution to this. 

  1.  Log in using SSH.

  2.  Rename  /usr/local/sbin/genMDNSResponderConfig.sh to /usr/local/sbin/genMDNSResponderConfig.sh.old using the mv command. (Prevents changes to the file in step 4 from being overwritten on reboot.)

mv /usr/local/sbin/genMDNSResponderConfig.sh /usr/local/sbin/genMDNSResponderConfig.sh.old

  1.  Make a copy of /etc/nas/mDNSResponder.conf and name it mDNSResponder.conf.old using the cp command.

cp /etc/nas/mDNSResponder.conf /etc/nas/mDNSResponder.conf.old

  1. Open the mDNSResponder. conf file in a text editor:

nano /etc/nas/mDNSResponder.conf

then delete (or comment out) this section:

_adisk._tcp local.

and save the file.

  1. Reboot the MBL. (Typing “reboot” at the prompt (without quotes) will do this.

There should now be only one entry in the Finder for the MBL.  Note that Time Machine can no longer see the MBL as a backup disk.  Also, this change (like most others) is wiped out when you update the MBL’s software.