Hide a computer from the list

Hi, first, sorry for my english :wink:

I have 3 computers in my house, all in the same network (named REZO) and running legally Windows 7. But in the list of shared folder in the LIVE Plus, I always see the 3 computer, and I want to just only see 1 computer, the main that contain my files.

I’ve try to hide the other computer from the network using this command line: Net config server /hidden:yes  but it’s not working, I always see the 3 computer.

What option I have to hide the 2 other computer, but keep in mind that my main computer have the file to stream and the printer for all the other.

What option I have?

Thanks alot!

Sorry dude, the media player doesn’t have an option to hide computers from the network. What you can do is to add a . in from of a folder (folder1 —> .folder1) to hide that folder itself, or password-protect that share to prevent access.