Hidden .wdmc directories created by mcserver and photodbmerger and the deletion of them


Maybe it goes without saying but I changed the root password too.



JacobChrist wrote:

I can’t find a thread like this for the MyPassport.


On this drive the init.d there is no photoshare daemon but I did find these:






I can’t stop the S92wdnotifierd


The update-rc.d commands don’t work.


Also there isn’t a specific veto file for samba, so I just made a back up of smb.conf and edited the veto line to remove the .* files.


sounds like you did a wonderful job. Are you able to see the .wdmc files when viewing on a PC. You won’t be able to see them on a Mac because the . prefix hides them regardless of the samba veto file.

The wdmcserver will create these files.

You don’t need to stop wdnotifierd nor do you really need to stop the twonkyserver; just turn off twonky if you are not using it.

So copy and paste this in the MyPassport forum and you will become the MyPassport Guru. 



I still don’t get it why WD stuffed alll the .wdmc directories to be indispersed with all the user’s data. Would have been a lot better under it’s own separate and hidden directory tree.  It’s more of an issue when used on the My Passport Wireless that’s connected to a computer by USB.

SectorGZ wrote:

What choice do you have? We are all in the same situation, so either we live with the My Cloud “as is” or try to make it useful. I seriously doubt WD will change these useless files from being created nor give a script file to be initiated that will delete the files without losing your warranty. WD has enough issues with just firmware at the moment.


I’m using My Cloud EX2

I enter /etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop and keep getting permission denied. Then I tried chmod 644 /etc/init.d/wdmcserverd and still nothing. 


Thank you, BUT: In the Very First Line: What does it Mean to ‘SSH to the device’? The only place I see the letters SSH in my dashboard, says it will VOID MY WARRANTY if I click it, is this a trick?

then … Once I understand the first line, How exactly does one DO the next things you are listing? STOPPING things etc…? Can you PLEASE do an actual Step-by-Step with some actual STEPS ? :slight_smile: ;~)


THE solution at WESTERN DIGITAL Support Forum, to fix this thing and make it not SUICIDE is to VOID THE WARRANTY? Am I the only (other :slight_smile: one that see’s this as not only insane but VERY CONVENIENT on WD’s Part? Get us to void our warranty on a defunct bad product then refuse to fix it after the fact. PERFECT.,… I am going to ask for a 4TB MYBOOK replacement.


Thanks for the tip. I can say that I am not happy with my WD Cloud device and I would never recommend this thing to anyone.

I can’t image why rebuild takes so long. I doubt it is scanning the content of each file so at most it needs an index of all the files, this shouldn’t take half a day.


Any chance you could confirm that works on a a ext2 ultra too?