Hidden Useage timers. WD30EFRX

I dont often make a complaint, But i think the community should be aware.

I purchased 4 WD30EFRX drives and a PR4100 Nas box in september 2017, My wife had just been diagnosed with cancer, so we wanted to make sure pictures and home videos were safe. She passed away just under a year ago, but all memories were safe, How WRONG i was.

Last week my PR4100 showed a red light on drive 4. Now the raid was set up over 3 drives with 1 spare (raid 5) to allow for issues. So the NAS said rebuilding, then drive 2 failed, but the system still had two drives, so that would be fine, Then drive 1 failed, and finaly drive 3 failed. WHAT. CANT BE, 4 drives dont fail in 48 hours.

I downloaded WD lifeguard and check each drive. all failed tests stating Smart failure.Tried extendend tests etc.

Contacted WD, and still waitting for them to reply. I have been told drives are not cover by the 3 year warrenty but they are only 30 months old. WD have said the drives are CMR.

I dont know if the Nas box itself might have had something to do with the drives failing, again i have asked WD to check this, but no reply.

I would not trust WD drives or there NAS if you value your files, I have all the pictures backed up on usb, but lost all family videos…

The Drives are all the same manufacture date, and the same batch number.

Kind regards