Hidden folders - Channels DVR files

I have an EX2 Ultra running the current firmware. I installed Channels DVR and it works fine with the exception of transcoding. I would like to move the files to a mac so I can install the DVR app there to handle the transcoding. The Channels DVR files are on the ‘Volume_1’ share but I am unable to see that folder in Finder or through the Dashboard. Is there a way to view ALL files or to “un-hide” the hidden folders? If not, is there another way to copy the files that are in a hidden folder?

Hi jrpearsonsr,

Did you try to locate the files via MyCloud.com?

If you enable the Remote Access, you will be able to remotely access the My Cloud data files after login on mycloud.com with your MyCloud.com Account. Here, you can find the files stored in My Cloud and copy in your macOS computer.